Development schedule 2013 Q4


  • Finalize liquibase component with 100% code coverage (an extender may come in the future)
  • Upload a new patched commons-dbcp to our maven repo (we already use a patched version but a new bug came out with liquibase that is already solved in their jira)
  • Finish some QueryDSL-Liquibase based components like sequence
  • Migrate many of our components from Blueprint-JPA to DS-Liquibase-QueryDSL (this is necessary to be able to release 1.0.0)
  • Create a sample for our project to have web interface. I would like to have a similar structure with REST services as the enRoute project has (We have used JSF since 5 years and it is time to change to a more effective solution)
  • Contribute to maven-bundle-plugin: Add m2e-lifecycle to generate DS and Metatype files to the target/classes directory
  • Migrate all of our components from felix-scr-annotations to org.osgi based annotations
  • Contribute to enRoute: Creating a  QueryDSL-Liquibase based branch that can be used instead of JPA
  • Adding an m2e lifecycle to our maven plugin to update the running OSGi container as soon as any dependency changes in the project
  • See how our components can be distributed to the maven-central-repository

About Balázs Zsoldos

Balazs Zsoldos is the co-founder of Everit. He is the leader of the development of Everit OpenSource Components. Developing Java based solutions is not only his job but also his passion. He believes in simplicity. That is why he decided to design and build as many simple, but useful goal-oriented modules as he can. As the base of the stack, he chose OSGi. Balazs does not believe in monoholitic frameworks, therefore all of the solutions that was designed by him can be used separately. In the beginning of his career, Balazs was a big fan of JEE and Spring. After a while, he changed his mind and started to try replacing everything with non-magical solutions that do not contain interceptors, weaving, etc.

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